Welcome, Porter Wagoner fans. 

The next several pages are a a bit of a departure as they don't have much to do with this website's normal topic, that of Atlanta history.  Instead, they are intended to serve as an appreciation of one of the coolest album covers ever unleashed on the music buying public.  If you've glanced over to the right, then you're probably already aware of the fact that I'm referring to Porter Wagoner's Cold Hard Facts Of Life LP.

In Aug. 2004, I headed up to Nashville for a little fun and relaxation and while there decided to do a little exploring to see if I could find the location used by Porter Wagoner for the brilliantly twisted cover photo of his 1966 RCA album The Cold Hard Facts of Life.  Having been fascinated with the album cover for well over a decade, this seemed to me like a reasonable way to spend a little vacation time.

Fortunately, I had with me a copy of the album cover itself and Steve Eng's fact-filled 1992 biography of Porter Wagoner.  The book, A Satisfied Mind: The Country Music Life of Porter Wagoner, (Rutledge Hill Press) is well worth tracking down if you're a fan of Porter's.

If you're not familiar with The Cold Hard Facts of Life,  you can click here and give it a listen.  The song, one of the best cheating records in all of country music, is the story of a hapless stiff who returns home from a trip a day early only to  find out his wife hasn't been entirely faithful.  For a visual reference, see the album cover to your right.


On second thought,  the song The Cold Hard Facts of Life was written by Bill Anderson, who was raised in the Atlanta suburb of Avondale Estates and attended the University of Georgia.  So, upon reflection, there is a local history connection here after all.