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12/16/07 32 new pages - The Dukes of Hazzard (episodes #1 - #5) were filmed in and around Atlanta.  Then/now photos courtesy of Clete Reid.
12/08/07 2 new pages posted - The Temple on Peachtree Street and another old photo of Ponce de Leon Avenue.
11/02/07 49 new pages - Smokey & The Bandit was filmed all over the Atlanta area in the summer of 1976.  The then/now tour starts here.
09/16/07 1 new page - Whitehall Street (aka Peachtree Street)
09/15/07 1 new page - Life of Georgia building at 660 West Peachtree NW
08/24/07 2 new pages - the Glenn Hotel at 110 Marietta Street NW & a house at 1578 Beatie Avenue SW.
08/15/07 1 new page - Pres. Roosevelt's funeral procession train as it navigates through the downtown railroad gulch.
07/04/07 2 new pages - Cherokee Motel on Ponce de Leon Avenue and 1267 Eastridge Road SW
06/20/07 28 new pages - a couple dozen old ads for night clubs promoting the colossal dance craze The Twist. 
06/15/07 1 new page - postcard of the Robert Burns Cottage, 988 Alloway Place SE
06/02/07 6 new pages - the go-go club section of the site was fleshed out with six more ads for clubs like the Clermont Lounge, the Zebra Lounge, the Whiskey A Go Go & others
05/28/07  3 new pages - the DC-7 Steakhouse, the Virginia-Highland Church, and a house on Eden Avenue SE
05/06/07 12 new pages - More on the Ole Corral restaurant...photos, ads, a trade journal article, and an architectural model.
04/27/07 7 new pages - Peachtree Christian Church, the Civic Center, Ole Corral Restaurant, Whitehall Street and a few more
04/08/07 6 new pages - Alamo Plaza Motel, Town & Country Hotel Courts, Americana Motel, and 1266 McLendon Ave NE
03/17/07 5 new pages - vintage postcard of the old City Hall, photos of the old City Hall, East Paces Ferry Road, and Loring Drive NW
03/08/07 5 new pages - Chapman's Drug Store in downtown Hapeville, 40 Marietta St NW, houses on Knollwood Drive NW
03/03/07 6 new pages - Retail Credit Company bldg, postcard for the Southland Hotel on Ponce, Broad Street, etc.
02/19/07 18 new pages posted - Mostly then/now aerial photos
02/04/07 5 new pages posted - Sylvan Rd at Murphy Ave, postcards of the Biltmore Hotel and the Cathedral of Christ the King church
01/28/07 9 new pages posted - National Museum of Patriotism, Frank Sinatra Jr. at the Domino Club, more go-go advertising, etc.
01/15/07 4 new pages posted - Inman Park Baptist Church, Howell Mill Rd at Chattahoochee Blvd, Domino Lounge postcard, 2081 Dodson Dr
01/07/07 6 new pages posted - Trinity Methodist Church, Peachtree St at Williams St, 273 The Prado NE, and a few others 

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