12/31/09 One new page - a 1948 aerial photo showing the construction taking place on the downtown connector.
12/20/09 One new page - a 1960s postcard looking north along Peachtree Street toward Five Points.
12/17/09 One new page -  Looking west along 14th Street from the Piedmont Park gate (1961)
12/13/09 Two new pages - here and here.  Both feature ads for burlesque shows  taking place within nightclubs at the Clermont Hotel.
12/10/09 One new page - First Baptist Church, formerly located at 211 Peachtree Street in the heart of downtown.
12/09/09 One new page -  a pre-Woodruff Park view that looks west along Auburn Ave. toward Peachtree St.
 11/19/09 One new page - a postcard, probably from the 1960s, showing Piedmont Hospital
11/18/09 One new page - from the LIFE archives, a 1952 photo of Dwight Eisenhower campaigning for President on Edgewood Avenue.
11/16/09 One new page -  a 1975 postcard showing an aerial view of Stone Mountain Park.
11/11/09 One new page - a circa 1920s aerial postcard.
11/10/09 One new page - Atlanta's Federal Reserve bank, formerly located at 104 Marietta Street.
11/09/09 One new page  -  a postcard showing the Flag Raising Day celebration on Peachtree Street in the heart of downtown.
11/05/09 One new page - a postcard of the old City Hall building on Mitchell Street.
10/29/09 One new page - a view of the Eiseman building, formerly located at 74 Whitehall St. SW.  It was torn down in 1975 to make way for the Five Points MARTA station.  Thanks to Jeff Morrison for sending in these photos.
10/25/09 One new page - postcard photo showing aerial view of  Ponce de Leon Ballpark.
10/18/09 One new page - a postcard showing the observation tower that used to be in Grant Park.
10/17/09 Six new pages - all from Paul Lycett's family photo album, which was originally put together by his grandfather William Lycett in the 1890s.  First up is a photo of the (still under construction!) Flatiron Building, followed by a shot of the Equitable Building on Edgewood Avenue.  The remaining 4 photos are shots of a train accident that took place along Lee Street near Fort McPherson.
10/12/09 One new page - a 1968 ad for a "go go" nightclub, the Pit Stop at 137 Marietta St.  More "go go" ads here.
10/11/09 One new page - a postcard showing a fine aerial view of the Georgia Tech campus and several blocks of midtown on the east side of the downtown connector.
10/07/09 One new page  -  a postcard depicting the sea lions at the Grant Park Zoo.
10/04/09 Two new pages - both devoted to the Colored Auditorium / Odd Fellows Building on Auburn Avenue.       #1         #2
09/26/09 One new page - Here's your chance to listen to a record about Governor Lester Maddox and his fight against corruption in the town of Ludowici.
09/20/09 Three new pages - (#1     #2     #3)   All are shots of Peters Street on the southwest edge of downtown.
09/16/09 One new page - a 1920s era postcard showing the Atlanta Auditorium Armory, usually better known as the Atlanta Municipal Auditorium.
09/14/09 One new page - a postcard showing the interior of the Atlanta Municipal Auditorium.
09/13/09 Two new pages - both are vintage Stone Mountain postcards.  #1   and   #2.
09/09/09 Two new pages - 1641 Peachtree Street (Travelodge Motel) and 1688 Peachtree Street (Peachtree Station).
09/03/09 One new page - an ad for Little Richard's 1966 appearance at the Whisk A Go-Go club, located at 114 Ponce de Leon Avenue.
08/28/09 One new page - from the Marcia P. collection, a postcard of the Winecoff Hotel.
08/27/09 2 new pages  -  a Lenox Square postcard and a Hyatt Regency hotel postcard.
08/25/09 One new page - a 1920s era postcard showing the Washington Street viaduct
08/17/09 9 new pages - all of the pages in this new batch feature vintage views of downtown Lithonia.  Many thanks to David Henderson, who did all the work, for allowing me to post them here!
08/13/09 One new page - a 1962 ad for the Copa Club (on Ponce de Leon) during an appearance by the Kim Sisters.
08/10/09 One new page - featuring an ad for a Billy Lee Riley appearance at the Brave-Falcon Lounge and some screen shots from the movie Speed Lovers, which featured an appearance by Riley at the nightclub.
08/09/09 Two new pages - Both are postcards.  One features Plaza Park and the other depicts the Rich's Department Store building at the corner of Alabama and Forsyth Streets.
08/08/09 Three new pages - (#1    #2    #3) More gem from the Jeff Morrison collection.  As with Jeff's earlier contributions, these pages feature photos of sites connected with the downtown railroad gulch.
08/04/08 Two new pages - (#1 and #2)  Two more from Jeff Morrison.  These pages both feature excellent shots of the railroad gulch on the west side of downtown.
08/03/09 Two new pages - (#1 and #2)  Both are contributions from the very learned Jeff Morrison.  More to come from Jeff in the very near future. 
08/01/09 One new page - a postcard showing the dismal and sterile conditions animals used to endure at the Atlanta Zoo.
07/11/09 One new page - a record featuring some scathing critical commentary about the "Hippie Invasion" that accompanied the second Atlanta International Pop Festival, held July 3 - 5, 1970 in Byron, Georgia.
07/07/09 4 new pages - these great vintage images of Stone Mountain were contributed by Danny Lee Attaway.  Thanks, Danny! 

#1         #2         #3         #4

06/28/09 Two new pages - both featuring postcard views of the Peachtree Plaza Hotel, now known as the Westin Peachtree Plaza.        #1        #2
06/21/09 One new page - an artist's rendition of the (then) forthcoming World Of Sid & Marty Krofft, 1976.
06/19/09 4 new pages -  images from the Georgia Department of Natural Resources, State Parks, and Historic Sites pertaining to segregated State Parks in Georgia.  Thanks to Charles Atkinson for the images and all the historical details accompanying them.
06/13/09 14 new pages - a folder of Six Flags postcards, presumably from the late 1960s.  Courtesy of John Dupree & Valerie Emerick.  Thanks!
06/02/09 One new page - a 5 page 1975 article from Atlanta magazine, heralding the forthcoming amusement park known as The World Of Sid & Marty Krofft.
05/31/09 One new page - I found one more vintage Stone Mountain postcard to share.  Don't worry.....I'll run out soon.
05/30/09 6 new pages - this batch of new pages consists of vintage Stone Mountain postcards showing various views of the skylift.   #1     #2     #3     #4     #5     #6
05/17/09 3 new pages - 

1  -  an aerial photo of Atlanta Stadium (showing the nearby Howard Johnson's that was leveled long ago)

2 - a postcard showing Plaza Park

3 - a page featuring several 1949 photos of Plaza Park, along with a hilarious 1970 Associated Press newspaper story from the Rome News-Tribune talking about "hippies" and "winos" and their planned protest at the park. 

05/11/08 3 new pages - two LIFE magazine photos of Senator Richard B. Russell campaigning for President in Atlanta in 1952 (here and here) and a photo of a residence on Oakland Street in downtown Decatur.
05/04/09 8 new pages....and because there's no such thing as too much overkill, they're all practically identical postcards featuring the Flatiron Building.
04/26/09 7 new pages - from 1984, a 6 page article on the Frances Hotel and a page on the Rufus M. Rose mansion at 537 Peachtree Street.
04/25/09 1 new page - featuring both sides of a local garage rock 45rpm recording by The Frantics.
04/19/09 2 new pages - a 1930s era postcard showing Peachtree St. looking north from Five Points and another postcard showing the late 1960s skyline as seen looking south from the North Ave bridge.  Thanks to reader Marcia P. for the images on both pages.
04/17/09 1 new page - The cover of the June 25, 1960 issue of the Saturday Evening Post featured a painting depicting Peachtree Street in the heart of downtown.  Thanks to reader Ned Hastings for fixing me up with the gorgeous image.
04/03/09 16 new pages - To help baseball fans get in the proper frame of mind for the Braves' season opener in a few days' time, here are a bunch of topical pages. 

First up is a great photo from the LIFE magazine photo archives showing the parade Atlanta threw to welcome the Braves to town in 1966 as it proceeds south down Peachtree Street toward Five Points.

Then, assuming you're still hungry for more baseball images, go over here, where you'll see 15 more pages, 11 of which were harvested from the fantastic LIFE archives.  Ten of these were shot during major league exhibition games (in 1949 and 1953) played at Ponce de Leon Park, home of the Atlanta Crackers.  See Jackie Robinson in action, as well as Billy Martin, Whitey Ford, Yogi Berra, and Casey Stengel among others.

Then, to finish up with the baseball offerings, you can see several ads for night clubs.  Did you know Phil Niekro owned a place called the Knuckler Lounge?  Did you know a major leaguer named Donn Clendenon owned a supper club on Hunter Street (now Martin Luther King Jr. Drive)?  And don't miss an ad for Pigalley (yes, the worst name ever for a night spot.....no contest) promoting an appearance by Atlanta Braves Joe Torre and Clete Boyer.

03/29/09 5 new pages - 4 pages featuring then/now shots of downtown Stone Mountain (#1  #2  #3  #4), courtesy of David Henderson and another in a series of postcards depicting the Indian Attach Show featured at Stone Mountain Park in the 1960s and 1970s.
03/17/09 1 new page - a fine 1979 photo showing the view looking south along Peachtree Street at Ralph McGill Boulevard (formerly Forrest Street).
03/16/09 1 new page - from the Marcia P. archives, a postcard of the 1961 Bank Of Georgia building located at 34 Peachtree Street NE.
03/12/09 2 new pages - from the David Henderson archives.....a fantastic 1933 aerial photo of downtown (#1) and a larger higher resolution version of the same picture (#2).  
03/09/09 2 new pages - More good stuff from the Marcia P. archives, Westview Cemetery postcards in this case.  Card #1  and Card #2.
03/01/09 2 new pages (#1 and #2) - these great 1978 photos came from Dennis Degan.  Taken from the top of the 19 story First Federal Building on Marietta Street, they show the extremely extensive nature of the construction project that resulted in the Five Points MARTA station. 
02/28/09 1 new page - postcard showing Governor's Mansion that stood on site of Westin Peachtree Hotel.  And a picture was added to this Auburn Avenue page (it's the one on the bottom).
02/24/09 1 new page - another contribution from the Marcia P. archives.  This one is a photo she took in 1978 looking south toward the downtown skyline from just south of the North Avenue bridge.  Thanks, Marcia.
02/23/09 1 new page - the King's Inn Lounge, which was part of the Atlanta Cabana motel, is highlighted.
02/22/09 2 new pages - a postcard showing the view looking north along Peachtree Street and a page with several views of the Columbia Theatre (also known as the Tower, the Erlanger, Martin Cinerama, and the Atlanta).
02/17/09 1 new page - 1963 postcard (well, that's when it was mailed) showing the the downtown skyline.  From the Marcia P. collection.
02/16/09 1 new page - postcard from Marcia P. showing a view from the top of the Candler Building. 
02/07/09 1 new page - a postcard showing the Forsyth Theatre, which stood at the corner of Luckie and Forsyth Streets.
02/03/09 1 new page - a 1963 ad for the Ebbtide Lounge, featuring Dolphina......the exotic girl in the fishbowl.
02/01/09 3 new pages -  #1     #2     #3     All 3 of these photos came from the LIFE magazine photographic archives, a collection of approximately 10 million images that Google has been hosting since November 2008.  Only a minute percentage of these photos were ever published and thus had never been seen until this amazing collection was made available online.  More information here.  These are the first of many Atlanta-related images that will be getting posted here in the future.
01/31/09 8 new pages - more gorgeous full-color vintage slides from the collection of Sherwood Harrington.   Thanks, Sherwood!

#1          #2          #3          #4          #5          #6          #7          #8

01/25/09 2 new pages - a 1964 postcard and a 45rpm record about the Silver Comet Trail

And over on one of the Winecoff Hotel pages, a link was added to a video made by Rusty Tanton.  Rusty's great aunt Betty Jane Tarrant Lewitinn, a nurse at Grady Hospital,  was a night shift supervisor the evening of the Winecoff fire.

01/08/09 4 new pages - Indians attack Stone Mountain!
01/05/09 8 new pages  -  to get to the new images, scroll down until you start to see the thumbnail pictures of Stone Mountain.  These are more of those unbelievably stunning slides found on the site of Flickr user Sherwood Harrington.  An earlier batch was posted on 01/02/09. 
01/03/09 One new page  -  a couple of postcards and two photographs of the Winecoff Hotel, site of America's deadliest hotel fire on 12/07/46.
01/02/09 10 new pages  -  Over on the photo sharing website Flickr.com, I found a very nice stash of vintage Atlanta slides (in full color) posted by Sherwood Harrington, who was nice enough to allow me to post them here on the Atlanta Time Machine.
01/01/09 One new page  -  an approximately 100 year old post card heralding Atlanta as "The Half-Million City."

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